The Wordbearers

aka the Kech Volaar. A faction of goblins seeking to reassemble the Ashen Crown.


The Wordbearers, or the Kech Volaar in their native goblin tongue, are a clan of goblins seeking to reassemble a Dhakaani artifact known as Arkantaash, the Ashen Crown. Doing so will give their clan more pull within their nation of Darguun.

The cell the party meets is led by the hobgoblin Yeraa, and consists of several hobgoblins and two goblins:

  • Akitani, a heavily-scarred goblin barbarian who has filed her teeth sharp. Once the party allied themselves with the Wordbearers, Akitani warmed right up to them, considering Turrett her buddy.
  • Govaan, a goblin rogue that the party previously met and rescued on the road to Six Kings. Quiet, reserved, speaks only when he needs to.
  • Jezirpa, a hobgoblin soldier. He’s fond of fighting.
  • Murdaak, a hobgoblin warcaster. Boisterous and loud.
  • Ulkuuz, another hobgoblin soldier. He’s missing an eye.
  • Tikulti, a hobgoblin bearing a bejeweled rapier, known to the party as a changeling spy for the Citadel. He is the party’s contact within the Wordbearers, and helped smoothed things out during their initial meeting.

The Wordbearers

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